The various news items that we see every day about the stock levels of prosecco across Europe, the reduction in Champagne production or the hike in prices of our favourite bottles does little to whet the appetite for those purchasing tasty drinks for the festive period. As you start to think of this time for the year, why not make a change and come and join the revolution of English wines, bubbly and sparkling.

At English Wine Kiosk we provide the best online destination for you to find NYE champagne alternatives and to discover something new. This whole time, while you have been grimacing through a bottle of cheap European wine, you could have been investing and supping on the creations of independent creators right here in the UK.

Why should I choose a NYE champagne alternative at English Wine Kiosk?

We are often put off by the idea of England and wine together. It doesn’t seem to flow off the tongue quite like a Bordeaux red wine or a Tuscan white. However, once you’ve tried the fresh sparkling wine and champagne alternatives that are on offer from English vineyards, you will be persuaded. Taking influence from those wines across the English Channel, you will still get the assured quality of a bottle of bubbly with the knowledge that it has come from England.

Growing in popularity across the UK, you could turn heads at your NYE party with one of our Champagne or Prosecco alternatives. To find out more about our online store, get in contact with us today.



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