Popping open a bottle of bubbly over the festive period is something that comes as standard. It doesn’t matter what kind of bubbly it is, really, because people will be willing to toast to every good tiding and every wish for the Christmas and New Year period. However, we believe that you should start by popping a bottle of bubbly that everyone can enjoy this Christmas.

At English Wine Kiosk we give you the chance to invest and explore the wide range of tastes you can achieve from English bubbly wines. You did read that right. England is producing bubbly wine and it is beginning to take the small section of the market by storm. The popularity of home-grown grape varieties that can cope with the weather in England has grown in recent years and sets you up perfect to discover an English bubbly wine.

Invest in our English wine case to discover your new favourite bottle

We want to bring the best English wines to your door this Christmas. That’s why we have carefully curated our selections of wine cases which come packed with delicious and intriguing variants from trusted suppliers. Our Mixed English Sparkling Wine Case comes with three delightful bottles for just £90 and this includes free 24-hour delivery.

To discover the potential of English bubbly wine, speak with our team today.



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