Thoughts will soon turn to champagne as the festive period nears. There are plenty of reasons to crack and pop open a new bottle of the fizzy stuff as guests come around for a quick drink, family members drop off presents or for the special days around Christmas itself. If you are looking to try and taste something that will live long in the memory over this amazing time of year, why not dabble in a unique type of wine?

At English Wine Kiosk we want to show off and display the power of English wines and how they can transform your drinks cabinet this year. By purchasing English Brut wines from our online store, you will put yourself in touch with bottles that are growing in popularity across the UK and Europe.

Why purchase English Brut wines from our selection?

Brut is a word used to describe sparkling wine and means unsweetened or very dry. While you may not associate English vineyards with the ability to produce sparkling wine, they are able to create small batches of high-quality Brut wines. These are ideal for the Christmas period and will be sure to pique the interest of every guest that visits your home for Christmas dinner or stays for midnight on NYE.

To discover the full range of English Brut wine that we have on offer at English Wine Kiosk, get in contact with us.



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