Celebrations call for food, family, friends and fizzy wine. That’s especially true when it comes to the festive period in the UK. We love nothing more than to crack open the Buck’s Fizz, pop the champagne and enjoy the worry-free days. At English Wine Kiosk we want to make sure that this year you choose your sparkling wine from a delicious selection – all of which are made in England.

You may not be aware of the growing trend. English wine, often disregarded because of the temperature in our country, is becoming more and more popular. Produced using a range of techniques, one of the best products is the sparkling wine that is created at vineyards in England.

Here’s why you should choose from our Christmas sparkling wine at English Wine Kiosk:

  1. Made in England: It’s easy to ignore the products that are right under out noses. The vineyards of England are beginning to thrive, and you could support this by purchasing from our online store.
  2. Range of budgets: Whether you want a special bottle to save for the turn of the New Year or you would like to taste a cheaper sparkling wine before you dabble with others, we’ve got you covered at English Wine Kiosk.
  3. Something different: There’s something a little bit special about trying something unique and providing your guests at Christmas with a taste they won’t have yet ticked off. That can be a reality on our online store.

To discover more about our selection of sparkling wines, get in contact with us today.



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