Pink, fresh, crisp and sweet. Rosé wine is a popular choice for many people and it can come in a variety of forms. With soda, with ice, on its own, from a glass or in a cocktail, the versatile wine is ideal for every occasion. At English Wine Kiosk we want to guide you towards a bottle of wine that is made here in England and is curated by independent and budding vineyards.

The green and pleasant lands of England aren’t often associated with the creation of wines, but that is slowly changing. The ability to harvest a diverse range of grapes, albeit on a smaller scale than the big hitters in France and across Italy, has made sure that the growing trend is bottles made in England.

Buy English rosé wine from our online store and discover the potential of grapes grown here

Whether it’s in a chiller for all your guests or it’s accompanying your Saturday evening TV binge, our English rose wine can complement any event. Christmas, birthdays, gifting, anniversaries, house warming, and everything in between can be improved with a bottle from our English rosé wine section at English Wine Kiosk.

We detail where the wine has come from and the background on the wine to ensure you gain insight before making your purchase. To discuss more about our service at English Wine Kiosk, get in contact with us today.



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