English Wine Kiosk has launched!

The English Wine Kiosk is a curated collection of our country’s finest wines.

A sister project to the hugely successful Gin Kiosk, EWK is a celebration of this fascinating industry, from the delicious products to the people who make them and the innovative approaches they are taking to forge ahead in this now burgeoning category.

The English Wine industry is growing at breakneck pace, with over 500 commercial vineyards and 147 wineries now operating within the UK. There has genuinely never been a more exciting time to delve into the stories behind these wonderful products and their creative producers, so we’re jumping in head first, creating a platform that will not only sell the wines, but celebrate them and their makers with articles and interviews.

As far as we’re concerned, the time for English wine to shine is now! There are now over 2,500 hectares of vines planted in England, 75% of which are located in the South East. Of these, the leading grape varieties are Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier.

We are incredibly lucky party people, as our country’s climate is ideal for growing sparkling wine varieties. In fact, on average 60% of English wine production is dedicated to sparkling wine made using the traditional Champagne method. This is a time-consuming process, requiring great skill and patience, with each wine taking between 18 – 36+ months to reach its full potential.

England is starting to gain recognition for its still wines, too, with Bacchus leading the way as the main single varietal, followed closely by Seyval Blanc, Ortega and Pinot Gris. Those are the chaps to keep your eyes peeled for!

2014 was a fantastic vintage for English wine, with a record high production of 6.3m bottles. That’s enough wine to fill two Olympic-sized swimming pools! It’s only growing, too, with production predicted to reach 40m bottles by 2040.

We’re delighted to be championing this effervescent industry and showcasing its finest products.

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